About Your Belly

Wow! We are already 20 years into this century. What a time this is to be alive! We have so many challenges that our ancestors never dreamed of – and so many wondrous gifts and discoveries that we can use to overcome them. New discoveries are coming forth so rapidly that there isn’t time enough to get them into textbooks before they have been outed by the next ones. Now this must be what the internet was invented for. Just be sure to check the date on any “new” discoveries because if they are over 6 months old, they are not the latest and greatest.

But let’s get down to the really basic important stuff. We just came through the holiday season and are pretty well back into the routine of daily living. So, how is your belly after all that holiday fare? Yes, I did ask about your belly, but I really want to know about your entire digestive process and all the chemistry and equipment that go with it. You would be surprised to know how many people nervously reply “fine,” when I ask about their digestion, their bowel movements, heartburn, flatulence and so on. C’mon people, this is important. Tell you what, go to google and type the question, “who said all disease begins in the gut?” And one more stirring question, “What is the gut-brain axis?”

Follow those paths around a bit, and you will start to gain a whole new understanding of how important it really is to pay attention to what you eat. You will begin to understand the meaning and importance of terms like non-GMO, organic, fresh “real” food vs. processed food, and many more terms that you may have ignored in the past – or even laughed at. It’s okay – that was then, and now we have a whole new year to try a different approach to getting healthy and staying that way.

For those of you who are part of my “Weight Loss and Insulin Resistance” family, don’t worry, this is part of the whole intertwined theme, just diving deeper.

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