Inflammation Revisited

Last time I identified inflammation as the bad guy in many health problems. So the question becomes, “What causes inflammation?” Let’s start with allergies, since pollen is floating through the air this very moment. Pollen typically causes an IgE or histamine response, which is the reaction a western medical allergist considers a “true” allergy. Swollen, red, itchy eyes and sneezing, as well as hives are classic IgE reactions. Everybody agrees that this is allergy and inflammation.

Other types of inflammation include arthritis, colitis, gingivitis, dermatitis, meningitis, to name a few. It is now recognized that plaque does not accumulate in arteries without inflammation, therefore, no arteriosclerosis unless there is inflammation. Some of these inflammatory health conditions may also be a result of an IgE response, but other causes include chronic hidden infections, toxins, nutrient deficiencies and stress.

For this article/blog, I’m going to address allergies. An allergen is a substance that “offends” your body, causing it to launch a response, typically involving inflammation in some way. Common solutions are: 1) avoid the allergen; 2) take drugs, such as antihistamines and/or NSAIDs to control the symptoms; and 3) some sort of desensitization process.

Ideally, we would like to encourage the brain to develop a compatible relationship with the substance. To form that new relationship, the medical allergist will use a series of injections to get the body to develop a tolerance to the substance. An alternative practitioner may use an energy medicine technique, such as NAET*, to teach the body how to remain energetically balanced and unblocked in the presence of the allergen. When the body learns to do this on its own, there is no allergic reaction to that substance – and no inflammation!

An allergy is not just an inconvenience. It is a health condition that can contribute to serious consequences over time. Recent research has shown that some allergens can lead to autoimmune conditions such as thyroiditis and diabetes. Please inform yourself and take action now to minimize allergies as a source of inflammation.

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