Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Oh my goodness! I just read an article on PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). The writer viewed this symptom as a primary disorder, accompanied by insulin resistance, hypertension/cardiovascular disease, hair loss, belly fat, depression, celiac disease, dementia, as well as other symptoms. The writer listed numerous medications to handle the numerous symptoms. I searched the internet and found that this is indeed still the commonly held opinion of western allopathic medicine.

What a nightmare! Fortunately, there is now updated information available about how all of these symptoms are tied together. Functional Medicine ignores the artificial divisions between the systems of the body, which were created by modern medicine, in order to identify the common underlying cause of malfunction(s) in the body. Functional Medicine is based on fundamental biological principles. It asks the question, “Why is this happening?” FM’s treatment protocol is to use the right tool(s), at the right time on the right patient, and in the right dosage(s).

For PCOS and Insulin Resistance, along with a host of other issues, as listed above, picture an hourglass, with all of the causes at the top running through the narrow neck, which is inflammation, and piling up at the bottom as the symptoms or syndromes listed above (and many more). The Functional Medicine approach addresses all of the causes of inflammation to put out the fire, and then supports the whole body in repairing itself.

If you find yourself dealing with some combination of these symptoms, please read “The Blood Sugar Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman, and find a Functional Medicine practitioner near you. I am currently studying functional medicine myself, and I have started a support group in Walnut Creek, CA through The name of the group is “Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control.” If you live in the area, please join us. If you can’t make it in person, participate online through this blog, my facebook page “Weight Loss & Insulin Resistance”, or through the meetup site. You may also find help through Dr. Hyman’s website.

Stay tuned for future posts on inflammation, its causes, and its consequences. You may recognize more than you expect!

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