Dr. Jeanne Barta has helped me tremendously – I have been a patient since 2 years now. I suffered from several allergies, including severe sun allergy (I used to break out in a rash if I was out in the sun for more than 10 minutes!). Dr. Barta never gave up when we hit a road block, but researched tenaciously to find a way to alleviate all my allergies. A major bonus is her chiropractic skillset – she has prevented me from getting the carpal tunnel syndrome and has also helped my stiff neck and shoulders. Before treatment with her, I was barely able to turn my neck around. But now, I am flexible and pain free! Life definitely got better since I have been her patient!

I would highly recommend Dr. Jeanne Barta to friends and family. In fact, I took my mother while she was visiting me (from India), and she worked wonders on her too.
– Valli, San Ramon, CA

I went to Dr. Barta when I heard from a friend his success story on how Dr. Barta had helped him with his severe allergies. I myself had been to several doctors but with no success so I decided to try one more time. I especially wanted to fix my food allergies to eggs and nuts. I had my greatest expectations met by Dr. Barta when those two allergies were eliminated. I can now eat all the eggs and nuts that I want without a reaction. Another service Dr. Barta gives is chiropractic care. She has a gentle, effective chiropractic technique that I has helped my lower back feel better than it has in a long time. I recommend her for both allergy and chiropractic treatment.
– Denice B

My back has hurt since I was 14 years old due to a car accident. I had come to expect chronic lower back pains, however, after receiving treatments from Dr. Barta, my back rarely hurts. Most surprising to me was that it didn’t hurt to get my back adjusted, and I still had results that helped me function better.
– Brooke

Baby Stephanie and Baby Conner both suffered from multiple food allergies due to IV antibiotics administered to their mothers just before their births. Their nursing mothers had to severely restrict their diets, and still the infants suffered cramping and bloody diarrhea. Dr. Barta prescribed homeopathic and nutritional support, and used NAET to eliminate their allergies. Both are thriving today!