Troubling Health Problems

Troubling health problems, big or small, that seem to elude diagnosis and/or treatment can be your subconscious mind trying to tell you that there is an unresolved trauma that needs to be addressed. We should be past the day and time of such realities being considered a sign of weakness or – gasp – mental illness. The first step toward healing is recognizing that there is a problem.

Any health problem is aggravated by stress of any kind, whether it is something new and obvious or something held over from weeks, months or even years ago. Examples of old traumas can be an illness or injury from early childhood, especially if it involved a hospital stay; perceived abandonment by Mom, even if it was only a few hours; stress in the home, such as financial problems; and of course, any form of child abuse. No, we do not simply get over it. And you would be surprised to learn how many “normal” people are affected by such unresolved issues. It’s part of what makes us who we are. It’s why self-improvement courses, books, etc. are so popular – and usually not so effective – until the underlying issues are addressed.

The good news is that there are ways to uncover and heal these underlying problems. In my experience, the recognition that “everything is energy” is the foundation of the most effective treatments available for releasing “stuck” traumas so we can get on with life. Talking through traumas and learning how to change behavior in spite of having been traumatized are very helpful, but do not seem to have the same kind of impact that energy-based techniques have. For most people, especially with high levels of trauma, both forms of therapy are necessary for best results.

If you are someone who likes to delve into the scientific research and use technology to monitor status, you may enjoy the Heartmath program here. I chose one chapter from a free e-book on the site, but you will be able to navigate the site from here. I have not yet used the Heartmath tools and technology myself, mostly because I am not “techy”, as many of you know. I have, however, been hearing very good reviews for several years.

My favorite techniques for accessing and addressing the troublesome traumas are the Neuroemotional Technique (NET), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Ask & Receive (A&R). I believe the first one, NET, is only taught to professionals, but the others, especially EFT, are available for anyone to learn. You can do a great deal of self-help (that really works) with EFT and/or Ask & Receive.

Find someone for your wellness team who is versed in one or more of these energy techniques, and work together to design a personalized wellness program that works for you. You can choose how much or how little of the healing work you want to do on your own.

Wellness is within your reach – go for it!

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