What’s Going On with Your Belly?

We seem to be having health challenges sweeping through our country – and even the world – like epidemics. One that I have been seeing a lot of is belly / gut / digestive problems. Checking the offerings in the “health” section of stores like Costco, you can see what the current epidemic is at any given time. Right now there is an abundance of products for constipation / bloating / gas, etc. In my practice, I see a lot of people who have had to limit their diets because the problems they are having are seriously impacting their lifestyles. Being late for work repeatedly because you can’t leave the bathroom can have serious consequences – and it’s embarrassing.

Don’t just accept such health challenges because “it runs in the family”, as though genetics rule. There has been a lot of published research on epigenetics, meaning that you can affect which genes get to express themselves by adjusting your lifestyle. There are health “hacks” that you can use to make your life a lot more comfortable and allow you to participate in the activities you enjoy but thought were lost to you. Following is a partial list of things to check out when you have a troubling health challenge, even if it has been diagnosed as autoimmune, genetic, or one of many other conditions considered incurable:

  • Chronic low grade infections, including Lyme – labs are often (but not always) helpful in finding hidden infections
  • Food or other allergies/sensitivities/intolerances
  • Toxic exposures, past or ongoing – these can go all the way back to childhood
  • Traumatic events, even in the womb

The list could go on and on. One lady mentioned that she had had arthritis so intractable that she was thinking of retiring, but then found that she was allergic to the lining in her favorite slacks. She resolved the problem (with NAET) and went back to her normal life. So you see, there are many possible triggers for your troubling symptoms, and removing the triggers can turn off the reaction, even if it’s genetic! (BTW, this lady was Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the developer of NAET, and I hope I didn’t misquote in any way. She told the tale during an annual symposium many years ago, and I’m telling it as I remember it.)

Give yourself a break and search out the root cause of your health challenges. That’s your best chance to get relief that lasts – without costly and possibly toxic consequences. You may well need some professional help in finding and working on these issues, but you can save time and money by just thinking about when and how your condition started, then start taking notes and getting them organized (see next paragraph).

How do we find these root causes? We can learn a lot by having the patient reconstruct a careful health history, especially if the condition in question had a distinct starting point. Sometimes there was a recent move, or symptoms started shortly after an accident or other traumatic event, or it may have been after an illness or a medical or dental procedure. These are just a few examples of a shock or trauma that could allow a genetic weakness or tendency to blossom into a genetic “condition”. There are many variations, some of which are much more difficult to uncover, but it’s worth the search.

Finding the root cause can turn the clock back on your health. Your body was designed to heal itself, but something can block the process. Find and fix that “something”, and as the saying goes, you may “add years to your life and life to your years!”

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